Israel Penn International Transplant Tumor Registry


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Cancer After Transplantation

CNS Tumors

Donor Transmission of Cancer

End Stage Renal Disease and Cancer

  • Penn I: Malignancy in chronic renal failure. In Surgery in Chronic Renal Failure. Experiences with Dialysis and Transplant Patients. International Symposium. (eds Eigler FW and Kajubowski HD) February, 1983. Georg Thieme. Verlag, New York, pp. 31–36, 1984.

Female Malignancies

Genitourinary Malignancies

Heart Transplantation and Cancer

Immunosuppression/Immunodeficiency and Cancer

Kidney Transplantation and Cancer

Leukemias and Multiple Myeloma

  • Penn I: Occurrence of multiple myeloma three years after successful renal transplantation. Letter to the Editor. Amer J Kid Dis 11:201, 1988.

Liver Transplantation and Cancer

Lymphoma and Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (PTLD)

Malignancies of the Digestive System

Pediatric Malignancies

Malignancies Prior To Transplantation

Sarcomas (including Kaposi’s sarcoma)

Skin Cancer and Melanoma

Viruses and Cancer

  • Penn I: Epstein-Barr virus associated disorders in transplant patients. Literature Scan: Transplantation 9, 1, 31–32, 1993.
  • Penn I: Immunosuppression and opportunistic tumors: Do viruses play a role? In Advances in tumor immunology and allergic disorders, Immuno Incontri (ed F. Dammacco). Milan, Edi. Ermes, pp. 139–162, 1992
  • Penn I: Malignancies in recipients of organ transplants. In The role of immunological factors in viral and oncogenic processes. Seventh Miles International Symposium. (eds Beers RF (Jr.) Tilghman RC, Basset EG) Johns Hopkins Med J (Suppl No. 3) Baltimore, Maryland, pp. 211–221, 1974.