Israel Penn International Transplant Tumor Registry


The Israel Penn International Transplant Tumor Registry (IPITTR) offers a consultation service to medical professionals of the transplant community by providing information based on current data in the IPITTR and data from the published works of its founder, Dr. Israel Penn. This information is furnished to institutions, programs, and physicians who seek information to help them manage patients with transplant-related tumors. Responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of information submitted to the IPITTR lies solely with the submitting institutions, programs, and/or individuals. Consequently, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and its physicians and staff do not vouch for, guarantee, warrant, or verify the accuracy or quality of the information given to or derived from the IPITTR.

Additionally, it should be noted that the information provided by the IPITTR is not meant to be the sole basis for treatment, but rather is intended to complement the knowledge base utilized by physicians in treating their patients. Final management and treatment decisions lie solely with the institutions, programs, and physicians seeking information from the IPITTR.

The IPITTR encourages outside parties to obtain several opinions prior to making management decisions in these cases. Every attempt will be made to respond to consultation requests in a timely manner. Response time for a standard consultation is one week. If a patient’s condition requires a more immediate response, every effort will be made to expedite the review if so requested.

This service is available only to medical professionals. If you are not a medical professional, please consult your physician for additional information. By clicking the following link you are stating that you have read the above material and agree to the terms of this consultation.

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