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Rita R. Alloway, PharmD, BCPS

Rita R. Alloway, PharmD, BCPS

Research Professor
Director, Transplant Clinical Research
Department of Nephrology, Division of Transplantation,
University of Cincinnati
  • University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
    Memphis, TN
  • Veteran’s Administration Medical Center
    Memphis, TN

Dr. Alloway complements the team approach of the IPITTR with her expertise in pharmacotherapy.

After receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1988, Dr. Alloway completed an ASHP-accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Memphis in 1989. Following completion of her post-doctoral training, she obtained a position as a clinical pharmacist at UT Bowld Hospital, where she served for ten years as Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. In 1994, she received Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy. From 1997–2000, she served as Director of the Transplant Clinical Pharmacotherapy Research Institute.

Dr. Alloway’s practice areas include kidney, liver and pancreas solid organ transplantation. Her individual research efforts focus on the goal of individualizing immunosuppressive regimens in the transplant patient. Specifically, her research activities and daily clinical activities incorporate therapeutic factors known to influence racial differences in graft survival in attempts to eliminate or reduce racial disparity in graft survival. More recent research activity has surrounded the issues of generic drug development in transplantation. Dr. Alloway’s work in transplantation pharmacotherapy has generated numerous publications, and she has been invited to lecture on specific research results and overviews of transplant immunosuppression. She currently directs several industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated investigational drug trials of which she serves as both principal and collaborating investigator.

She is an elected member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) and American Society of Transplant Physicians. Currently she is a member of the Immunology/Transplant Practice Research Network of the ACCP and serves as author of the PSAP chapter on Solid Organ Transplantation. Dr. Alloway recently served as the president of the Mid-South College of Clinical Pharmacy, and ACCP Transplant/Immunology PRN Chair.

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